Owner's Representative—Harlem, New York

The Brotherhood Sister Sol

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol is a Harlem-based organization with a mission to empower Black and Latino young women and men to develop into critical thinkers and community leaders. Established in 1994, the organization offers a range of enriching, educational programs and activities that provide these young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and overcome the negative pressures of poverty, racism, drugs, and violence.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol offers a safe space full of resources for 250 youth to speak their minds, acquire knowledge and skills, explore their identity and beliefs, and receive support to make their dreams reality. The organization addresses the dire need for supportive programs for Black and Latino youth who are surrounded by the poverty, drugs, violence, racism and mis-education which plague America’s cities. The Brotherhood/Sister Sol provides these youth with an opportunity to explore their ideas, identity and future among peers, with the support and guidance of their immediate elders, a natural method of promoting positive development into adulthood.

As the real estate advisor to the Brotherhood/Sister Sol, Jonathan Rose Companies developed a feasibility project plan to define a successful strategy for the development of a new 13,000 sq. ft. new facility on a vacant lot, owned by the organization, adjacent to their current facility. This new development, in conjunction with the renovation of their existing 3,000 sq. ft. facility, will allow Brotherhood/Sister Sol to better accommodate the institution’s expanding range of services.

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Project Profile

Development of Project Plan that outlines strategy for development of new addition and renovation of existing facilities

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Project Status

Completion: 2009